About Mine VR

Mine VR is a narrative-driven adventure game in VR which completely relies on audible and haptic feedback, rather than on visual, to guide a player in a role of a protagonist through an interactive story driven by exploration and puzzle-solving.

Although lacking a visual component, this game is not aimed only for the blind and visually impaired people.

Main goal of this project is to provide diverse experiences for different groups of players, but most importantly to provide a compelling experience for all players.

For visually impaired people it will provide an entertaining interactive experience that is rarely available and specifically tailored for them, and of the same quality, if not higher, compared to any successful indie game available on the market today.

For everyone else it should provide a different kind of experience, hopefully an empathy-invoking one, and more than just a walk in the dark simulator, but more of a gripping journey which puts them in the shoes of a blind person and allows them to experience firsthand the challenges and issues of visually impaired people, while using VR headset as a kind of a high-tech blindfold.

The Story

The story behind Mine VR is a hard Sci-Fi story which follows Alix – a young science intern who loses sight in a laboratory accident.

Despite the tragic loss, Alix discovers a newly gained ability, almost like a new kinesthetic sense, to perceive the environment without the aid of vision and descry things that seemingly weren’t there before the tragic event.


Media Composer/Sound Designer
Pavle Goloskokovic
Pavle Goloskokovic
Producer/Game Designer

The Vision

In most areas of life disabled people, including the blind, are underrepresented and marginalized. Unfortunately, this is also true when it comes to interactive experiences.

This project aims to make a difference by providing an immersive interactive experience tailored specifically for blind and visually impaired players, while at the same time providing a unique sensory experience for everyone else, in order to raise public awareness of the challenges faced by those with vision loss or blindness.

VR is the new frontier of interactive experience, mainly due to enhanced perception of the virtual visual environment, but an enormous potential of immersive spatial audio environment combined with haptics is yet to be fully utilized.